Laser Engraved Custom Digital Business Cards

Premium metal digital business cards make you stand out and allow you to seamlessly share your contact information in a modern world.

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards make it easy for new contacts to collect your contact information. They scan a QR code on your laser engraved digital business card, which takes them to a page with all your contact information, occupation details, and other professional information, whatever you want to share. Once they tap “Add to Contacts” then you are now in their phone.

Why Digital Business Cards?

why digital business cards

Cost Savings

It’s the last business card you’ll ever need to buy. With the one metal laser engraved card, your new contacts can just scan your QR code and quickly save your information in their smartphones, ensuring that your contact information is readily accessible where individuals are most likely to look for it – in their phones.

Efficient Updates

Digital business cards enable Human Resources to swiftly update contact information in real-time. As titles change, licenses obtained, offices move, etc., the information can be promptly modified online. And no need to reprint cards. (see first bullet point…)

Improved Marketing Impressions

A company branded digital business card serves as a modern and innovative way to share contact information, leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and prospects. Make an impactful first impression!

Enhanced Brand Image

By adopting a forward-thinking approach to communication, your company will project a positive image to clients and stakeholders. Marketing professionals benefit from the enhanced visual appeal and uniqueness of digital cards, contributing to the overall brand image and differentiation from competitors.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing reliance on physical paper business cards aligns with your corporate sustainability goals. Besides, most paper cards just end up in trash anyways.

What is the process like?

Design Your Card​

Your logo. Your name. Select card color. Various QR code styles to choose from. ​

Digital business cards sample colors
Digital business cards selection of possible QR code shapes
Add Contact Information

Select template layout. Add contact information, web and social media links, product images, etc. Customize color scheme to match branding. Bulk upload available.

Designing the digital business cards
Clients Capture Your Info

With a simple scan, your information is now in their phone contacts

How the resulting digital business cards will appear

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