Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everything is laser etched into the metal. It is NOT an ink that could wear off.

Both sides of the card are completely customizable. We have some standard templates or you can design your own.

As much or as little as you want. Common items are phone and email. You can add links to your web site, LinkedIn and/or other social media, product pictures, PDFs, etc. If it can be presented online, then we can present it.

Yes, we can set the branding colors on the page to your exact hex code colors.

Once the quote is signed, we’ll work with you to design the front and back of the card.  We’ll also work with you to design how you would like the resulting web page to look.  From there, it’s as simple as filling out an Excel spreadsheet with your employee’s information.  We upload the information into the system and etch the cards for you.

Once you approve the design, we should be able to ship our your card(s) in about a week (+/- depending on current backlog)

The challenge we have with NFC is part of the card must be plastic for the NFC to work.  The metal blocks the NFC signal.  We have a few different blanks, but we haven’t found one we really like.  And with the plastic, it limits where we can laser engrave, to only 1 side of the card.  Trying to fit a name, logo, and QR code that is big enough to be read can be tight.  Long story short, we don’t have a ready-for-prime-time solution for NFC yet that we are happy with.

Also, some people disable NFC on their phones, for security reasons.  Going thru the process where the NFC doesn’t read, you need to tap this and turn on that makes for an awkward interaction.  Hence why we’ve focused on just QR codes for now– it is universal and just needs a camera.

The cards are $65/each. Volume discounting is available.

After the first year, there is a $5/card annual charge for support and the web hosting

Black, dark grey, red, orange, green, blue, gold, purple, and rose red. We are working with our vendors to obtain additional colors.

Laser etching is monochrome– either the pixel is etched or it isn’t. We can try some magic to convert the logo to get it to etch nicely.

Very easy! All they need to do is tap the “Add to Contacts” button on their smartphone.

Yes! Fill out this form and we will send you one.