Digital Business Cards, Laser Engraved

Man holding QCardify digital business card

What is a Digital Business Card?

QR Code

Instead of relying on paper business cards (that often end up in recycle bins) or exchanging numbers awkwardly, you can now simply scan the QR code on your Qcardify laser engraved digital business card. The QR code will take you to a landing page with all your contact information. Tap “Add to Contacts” and your information is now saved in their phone.

No Limits

Being digital, there are no more physical constraints on what information you can publish: project portfolio images, links to specific booking pages, direct links to your social media sites, PDF information sheets, map directions to your business, etc. If it is online, it can be shared to your new contact with Qcardify.

Why Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards make it easy to get your contact information into their phone.

Cost Savings

The last business card you’ll ever need to buy. If a title, address, etc. changes, update it online. No need to print yet another box of cards.

Go Green

Reducing physical paper business cards aligns with your corporate sustainability goals. Most paper cards just end up in trash anyways.

Impactful Impression

Make that initial contact a “wow” experience, leaving a lasting impression of your innovation and brand image.

How do I get started?

Customize with your company branding

For the physical card, pick one of our 10 color options, design the layout, define what you want on the resulting landing page, and then connect like the All-Star you are!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page.

Or better yet, contact us!


Per fully customizable laser engraved digital business card, +$5/card/year subscription, after the first year (first year is included)

  • Impressive solid metal custom laser engraved digital business card
  • The last business card you’ll need to buy
  • Unlimited updates
  • No more $$ paper business cards